When to Visit ~ Climate in India

India’s climate is highly varied and complex. The most well known feature of the climate is the annual Monsoon or Rainy season, which ranges from torrential showers in certain places of India to light rains in others especially in Northern India around Delhi and Rajasthan. The monsoon typically begins around Kerala towards end of May, and finally disperses by August.  

The Indian summer is hot and dry, especially in Northern India, where temperatures go past the 40 degree centigrade mark between May and June. As September approaches, the temprature has usually fallen to a more bearable  range in the mid 30s.

Happily, even during the height of the Indian summer , certain regions, especially Southern India, Goa and Mumbai stay cooler than North India [ Delhi & Rajasthan], usually peaking out at 30 to 35 degrees centigrade. Summer is also the best time to visit the high altitude regions of Leh ( Ladakh), which are usually fully accessible and much cooler compared to the rest of the country. Hill stations such as Shimla and Ooty are also most popular during the summer months.

Best Time to Visit India

If we were to pick one season that works for the whole of the country , except for the high altitude regions , it would be November to March.

The climate during this period is pleasant, cool and dry while also being sunny in parts.