Getting around in India

We are focusing here on Getting around during one of our pre-arranged tours and holidays in India.

Depending on the specific itinerary you would book, transport would be either road travel, or by combination of road and air travel.

All our road travel is done in spacious, air conditioned Toyota Innova vehicles with a seating capacity of 5 passengers if you include 2 seats at the rear most part of the vehicle which would be most suitable for smaller sized adults [ less than 5 feet 4 inches]: Therefore for superior comfort we suggest a maximum of 3 travellers per vehicle , with one of these sitting in the front beside the driver.

We use a second type of vehicle within National Parks for the purpose of Safari game viewing. These are open – top Safari jeeps customised for the park terrain and to optimise game viewing.

Typical average road journey times during our tour packages would be 3- 4 hours between succesive destinations: However for longer durations we offer our clients the chance of flying to the destined locations using one of several local airlines all of which have sterling safety records. Upon landing , you will be met by our accredited tour drivers/ tour rep for the onward transfer and ongoing services.

Train are a common mode of travel in India but for tourists wanting to experience a premium or luxury experience , we recommend only the Maharaja trains which recreate the British Raj train experience from the times of colonial India.