Food & Drink in India for Tourists

Indian cuisine has a well earned reputation as one of the world’s great cuisines. It is no surprise then that the Food and drink in India is one of the highlights for tourists who visit the sub continent. Infact, the local cuisine is often a revelation for many international travelers, who are often exposed only to the ‘curries’ served in Indian restaurants overseas. However the sheer variety in Indian cuisine is mind boggling, and happily, this means there’s something delicious out here for every pallet..

Vegetarian Paradise: Though meat dishes are widely available throughout India, and are a speciality especially in Northern India, parts of India, especially Southern and Western India are traditionally vegetarian. Because vegetarianism has been ingrained in Indian cuisine over centuries, the resulting variety and excellence of vegetarian cuisine means that non meat eaters who visit India often find themselves in a food paradise of new flavours and delicious tastes, not usually available in the limited vegetarian menus of the rest of the world.

Indian Cuisine is basically divided into North Indian and South Indian food.