When to Visit India:

Generally the best time to visit India is November to March. Higher altitude areas such as Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, parts of Himachal, are actually best visited anytime from February to November since they are not that affected by the high summer temperatures during April to June.

India Entry Requirements

Climate in India

Health precautions for Travellers in India

Can I communicate in English ?

Yes , English is one of the major languages in India and is actually a common language except in certain parts of India which are most likely to be rural locations or villages.

Currency: Can I use US dollars in India:

It’s best to change foreign currency into Indian Rupees[ INR] either on arrival at the airport or at a bank or accredited foreign exchange bureau in India. Foreign currency is not typically accepted.

Is Tipping Customary:

Tipping is not expected as it may be in parts of North America or Europe ie you will not be frowned upon if you do not Tip.