Cuisine of India

Popular the world over,  the Cuisine of India is today among the most eaten cuisines in the world. The product of a myriad of things, everything from local geography to religious beliefs and local culture, Indian cuisine is highly varied, and not always hot and spicy.  It all depends on which part of India a tourist may be vising, and whether the food served is truly traditional or has been modified to more typical tastes that exist more commonly in urban India.

I would be true to generalize that food is a passion for Indians at large, and one would not be surprised to see that the whole family is involved in what goes on in the kitchen ! Women are normally entrusted with the cooking in households.  As with culture, Cuisine in India can generally be classified into North Indian cuisine and South Indian cuisine.  North Indian food , which includes the well known Muglai cuisine, has more non vegetarian dishes that South Indian cuisine, which is a more vegetarian based cuisine.