Photos ~ People & Culture in India

India is known for its unique culture, some of which varies significantly within the country itself. Thanks to a diversity of language, religion and local customs from North to South India, Indian culture is quite fascinating to a first time tourist, no doubt one of the attractions of visiting the country Here are a few photos of people and their culture in India.

A woman in Rajasthan. Photo Credit Nevil Zaveri

Woman in Rajasthan, India

Traditional Indian dance varies based on the unique local culture of each region of the country. Photo Credit Jason Baker

Traditional Indian Dance

A beautiful Flower Rangoli~ Rangoli is an Indian folk art in which symmetric patterns are created on the floor , usually at the entrance of a house or courtyard of a building, during festivals such as Diwali, for good luck. Photo Credit Mckay Savage

A flower Rangoli in India

Indian Brides always have their hands (and feet) decorated using ornate henna patterns. Henna is known in India as ‘mehendi’ and is made from  powdered leaves of the Henna plant. It wears off after a few days. Image Credit Sameer Goyal

beautiful henna patterns