Photos of Indian Cuisine

Food in India is a passion, so much so that across the country there are several different sub cuisines and hundreds of unique dishes. Our photos of Indian cuisine reflect this diversity of the food in India. Some of the images below are purposefully of cuisine served by hotels and lodges which is what travellers would most often experience though there are photos of Indian street cuisine as well, which one can enjoy in cities.

Indian Spices

We’ll start here, the very foundation of Indian Cuisine

Photo of Indian Spices




This is the traditional spice tin found in millions of Indian kitchensPhoto Credit : ALlisson.H

Spices in Indian cuisine



Naan and Roti are the basic breads in Indian Cuisine, eater with almost every meal. A Naan is made in a clay oven known as a Tandoor, while a Roti , at least the one eaten in Indian households ( not the Tandoori Roti ) is made on a flat pan called a Tava. Credit


Indian Naan Bread